Tianshi Quality Control Status

Tianshi has an unwavering commitment to quality and research. All the way from the president, Mr. Li down to the operators of Tianshi many manufacturing facilities around the world; Tianshi upholds the highest-levels of quality and supervision of its products. In order to maintain the quantity of the products and to meet the increasing and ever changing demands of a global market place. Tianshi devotes a large portion of its abundant resources to new Research and to upgrading its manufacturing equipment on a consistent basis.
In the process of manufacturing the highest quality herbal supplements, Tianshi upholds both national and international standards. Every step of the process in making the Products is subject to rigorous inspection, including the use of sophisticated machinery and instruments to conduct these tests.
Currently Tianshi manufactures more than 100 products dealing with three areas, health, home-care, and personal care.

Tianshi facilities have a global scope.

* Tianshi , China Tianshi ‘s Bioengineering Production Facility and Quality Control Centre (11 square miles)
* Seattle, Washington-Tianshi U.S. Manufacturing Facility
* Toronto, Canada- Tianshi Canadian Manufacturing Facility
According to Dr.’s. Michael E. and Teresa Klepser, no agency in the United States currently regulates herbs and there is not formal standardization-. The amount of herb in one brand might not be the same as in another. As a good rule, opt for the more expensive brands. The cheaper versions may not contain an effective amount of herb, the herb may not be high quality, or the manufacturer varies from botch to batch or even from pill to pill. The more expensive a brand is, the more likely it is that the manufacturer is taking steps to make the product more standardized and of higher quality. The Network Supermarket, Insurance & Telecommunication, fuel service stations will soon be established.


Tianshi Products have gotten ED.A. (Food and Drug Administration) certification in America and are now special emergency products by International red Cross Association, International Astronaut & Aviation Research Institute announced that TIANSH1 products could help to extend life time of astronauts, and divers.

in Africa, (Nigeria) National Association For Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has granted to Tianshi products Registration and Certificate to Tianshi food supplements and have equally announced that the product are highly effective for all in sub health and poor health conditions.
In Russia, Tianshi products have been approved to highly reduce excess cholesterol in the body. (Antilipemic Tea)

In Japan. TIANSHI products have gained a wide approval as it is their choice product for life sustenance (Chitosan) and anti cancer properties.
Americans have also chosen TIANSHI products as a choice products in prevention of Osteoporosis and also a special product for N.A.S.A. before and during their flight into the space (Nutrient High CAl Powder/Beneficial Capsule) etc. Also TIANSt4 has gotten numerous certificates all over the world.