Tiens UK

Tianshi UK Ltd opened its London-based business in 2002. The Global Plan is to bring the Tiens opportunity and the life-changing products to as many countries as possible and the UK was seen as a very important part of that strategy. Tiens is operating in over 100 countries worldwide. If all the countries and regions are added together, the total exceeds 190 trading areas. The company offices are located in Colindale, North London easily accessible by most forms of transport. With the support of Tiens HQ in China and the European regional head office in Berlin, the launch in the UK and subsequent growth has been very exciting.

The Tiens business offers opportunities for an improved lifestyle through its products which have their roots in traditional Chinese medicines but are now manufactured in state of the art factories using pharmaceutical grade quality controls and also through its Business Plan, recognized as being one of the most generous in the Network Marketing Industry. These two elements – Health and Wealth, together with Tiens’ experience, stability, and award winning training and support have ensured that the UK has seen very positive growth.

Tianshi UK utilises the unique system of Agent Offices to support the growth. These strategically sited offices are owned and run by key Business Builders. They process local orders and supply products; organize weekly meetings and training and are the local hub for the Tiens business opportunity within their area. As an extension of this program, Tianshi UK now has a group of registered stockists who can also process orders and supply stock, ensuring that for local customers and distributors, the products are always in place when needed.

Tianshi UK LTD has created an award winning training program to ensure that all of its partners in business have the chance to receive high-quality training as they develop their business. Regular meetings are held to recognize the success of the distributors achieving new goals in their business growth, together with incentive awards such as trips to China and Africa. A close relationship between customers and the company has been formed which is integral to our growth. This partnership is fundamental to our continued expansion.